2. The Donor – EP82

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and meet the only car that I never gave a name to.

December, 2006

Back in 2006 at my first track day in Tart I blew my motor.

In the same week, a mate of mine managed to do this to his car. 😦

Thankfully he walked out of this unharmed and I bought the wreck to serve as a donor car. I love white cars and I had always wanted a white EP82 although this one was not quite in the condition that I had envisaged haha.

18th October, 2012.

Over the years the donor had been ravaged for parts and served as a storage container for other unwanted car parts.

As part of my on going starlet cleansing ritual, it’s time to send this little guy off to join Sid in Starlet heaven. But how do you move a car that has no wheels and can’t roll?

Like a freakin boss is how!

Skiing across the yard on Michaels old S14 bonnet on the front and the GT bonnet on the rear.

Static drop. Haters gonna hate. 😛

Some people like cats and other people collect stamps. But me? I like Starlets.

Their final photo together. Goodbye donor car! You died so that others could live. Rest in pieces.

Big thanks to: Dan, Michael and Tom for helping me move the car out so that the tow truck can come pick it up.


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