5. Terry – EP82

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eadc terry

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New Wheels 
Buddy Club P1 SF 15×8 +32



Ooops I did it again.

Introducing the latest member to my family. Mr. Terry Two Tone, a 1994 Toyota Starlet GT Turbo.

Define: Obsession.
The domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire.

Yup, this is starlet turbo #4.

Wait, wait, hear me out!

So late last year, the idea of selling/parting out my starlet had started to creep into my head. I felt it was about time to move on as Tartlet had all the bad traits of being an ex track car, without the ability to track any more! I’ve been using him as my daily driver, but as much as I love him, I know he’s a little (ok a lot!) rough around the edges now.

The question was what would I replace him with?

Nothing I could think of made me as happy as this little nugget did so I decided to not find a hot hatch replacement for the starlet and go in the opposite direction. I had decided to buy a Nissan Cube as a comfortable daily (which I would track for lol’s).

But like a sign from the heavens an email arrived from Trev.

I’ve known Trev for the 8 years I’ve had my starlet. We met through the Starlet forums and he’s the only person I know who has had his longer than mine! He was the 2nd person in Australia to own it and it has been well maintained and modified in his care.

A few years ago, I said to Trev “If you ever sell your Starlet, I get first dibs.”

Fast track a few years to December 2011 when this email arrived in my inbox.

“Ummm, it looks like I’m now very close to needing to sell the Starlet…she doesn’t get used too much anymore, and I feel sorry for her 😦
I also need to get a more practical car….. double 😦
Anyway, would you still be interested in buying?”

A few days later I high tail it over to Trev’s house and after a minute behind the wheel of Terry I get this feeling in my stomach. I know this feeling… I’m in love all over again!

This starlet is INCREDIBLE. I never knew starlets could be this solid and tight. Mine had always been a rough and loose example from the first day I owned it. Blowing it up twice probably didn’t help either haha.

As I pulled back into his driveway I wound the window down with a massive smile on my face and said “SOLD!”

Of course there is always a voice of reason that asks you that question to make sure your doing the right thing. This voice of reason always happens to come in the form of Dan.

Dan “Are you really sure you want to buy this car? You know you could afford to buy a nicer newer car right?”
Me:“But…I don’t want anything else.”

As I was about to embark on a one month trip overseas, Terry take over plans were placed on hold.

After arriving back to Melbourne and settling back into routine, I organised to pick Terry up on Sunday. On the way over there, I actually had butterflies in my stomach. It felt like going on a date with someone you’ve had a crush on forever!

I know some people might not understand why I’ve bought another one but that’s ok. At the same time I also know some of you will understand exactly why I did. 🙂

I never thought I’d feel this way about a car again but after much soul searching I finally found a replacement for my beloved Tartlet GT in the form of Terry GT!

Welcome to the family kiddo. Hope you like track days more than your older brother did…. 😉

May 25th, 2014.

Dear Terry,

I first laid eyes on you when you belonged to dragonfly 9 years ago and hoped that one day you would be mine.

I was so happy 2 years ago when finally got to call you my own. I took you on dates to Winton and Sandown and I always marveled at how handsome you were.

As fate would have it, you we’re destroyed by a jealous commodore this weekend and today I was officially told that you’ve been written off.

I can always buy another starlet, but there will never be another Terry Two Tone.

Totally gutted. Rest in pieces Tez.
1994 – 2014

IMG_5831 (Small)


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