3. Sid – EP91

Back in 2009 I’d been toying with the idea of getting more power out of Tartlet as it was getting a bit boring to drive and I wanted to go faster at the track.

It was a quiet December Friday night spent at home like any other. My MSN window popped up with a message from Dan with a link to a little unassuming Australian Delivered EP91 Starlet Life on ebay.

The conversation went something like this:

Dan: “Hey the old Braided Lines R&D car is for sale. It’s already converted and running a TD04 if you want more power.”
Me:“Hah what a cool little beast, but hrmmm. I’ll sleep on it.”

The next day we were meeting up with the EXE guys for lunch to have Yum Cha. Before I left the house we decided to put in a maximum bid at the reserve price of $4000.

Meh, see how we go.

In the middle of eating dumplings and chicken feet, I asked to borrow Jas’ iphone to check the auction as my crappy Nokia phone had crashed.

“Oh hey guys, guess what? I just won another starlet!”

At this stage I should probably also mention that the car was located in Sydney.

So we booked some flights for the following Friday and went to pick up the car that would come to be known as Sid, my third turbo starlet!

We crashed at Lawrence’s house and meet up with Pete in the morning to go pick up the car. The last owner was moving on to a new project s15 he had just picked up and was slightly amused about my history with starlets. Concerned about the long drive back he gave me oil, some spares and even offered me one of his cd’s for the trip. What a nice guy, but as a seasoned road trip veteran I already had packed a stack of music for the journey ahead!

Before we left for the drive back to Melbourne we stopped to have some breakfast with Pete and Lawrence.

There Sid was parked next to Pete’s STI converted Outback in the Macca’s carpark. We laughed about how funny it would be getting chopped by these two sleepers. If we were more immature and had more time we would’ve just driven around Sydney dosing people!

But alas, we were working with a tight deadline as we actually had to be back in Melbourne for a friends engagement that night.

I thought the drive had finally gotten to me when I saw this truck in my lane headed straight towards us! As it turned out it was just an image of the front of a truck painted on the back of the truck. Sneaky Russians!

On the drive back an FD RX7 drove past us looking at the car at bit weird. I can only assume he was wondering why a small stock looking hatchback had workshop stickers plastered on the back of it.

I felt it was my duty to explain why to him by via application of the throttle. “TSUT-TU-TU-TU.” The look on his face was priceless!

We made it back to Melbourne without a hitch and after getting changed into some nicer clothes and swapping cars, I took this photo as we left the house. I still remember looking at the camera screen and thinking at the time, “Shit, this is a bit out of control now.”

However Sid was never destined to continue his life in Melbourne. He was promptly torn apart for his tasty parts and transplanted into Tart.

The plan was to put him back on the road as a stock starlet, but as I had a tendency to blow starlet motors at race tracks, he was continually ravaged for parts. Eventually Sid got hailed on and it was decided that it was time to let him go.

Which now brings us up to date.

Sid was finally towed away this weekend. It felt a bit weird because it’s the first car I’ve ever gotten rid of. I suddenly felt that I could relate to those crazy hoarder cat ladies on TV shows that had difficulty throwing away their tow nail clippings that they’d kept in a jar for 10 years. You know just in case they might “need it one day!”

As Sid had made himself at home in the garden I enlisted some of the EXE boys over to come help me push the car on to the driveway. As we were waiting for the tow truck we got to talking about how our cars had boys names. It was then that Cheezel asked me, “So why the hell did you name your wreck!?”

Good point. I think I might get too attached to cars haha.

Before too long a white van with a tandem trailer showed up. It would appear that the universe has a sense of humour and sent this unique individual to cheer me up and whisk my car away to the scrap yard!

Bye Sid, thank you for everything. Sorry we never brought you back to LIFE!

Big thanks go out to Silas for being so understanding and to Dan for being a massive enabler.


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