About me

Born in a sewer containing toxic ooze, Ying was trained by a fierce ninja rodent.

As a young adult, she turned her back on the ninja life and replaced her sword with a steering wheel.

Local folklorists refer to her as a “Track Ronin” (a circuit samurai with no master).

In her spare time, Ying enjoys collecting a selection of fine Japanese wheels and small underpowered vehicles.

She has also recently co-founded a micro car time attack series called Nugget Nationals: https://nuggetnationals.wordpress.com/


For those who are new to the journey, the abridged version of the story so far can be found here.

My instagram.

Welcome to the Noisy Ninja chronicles!


9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hay was just wondering if you got any photos from D class from winton if so did you get any of a black s13 with number 58 with maxxis stickers on it?

  2. Hi, we spoke very briefly at the BMW drivers training day back in October – I was driving the red mps mazda 3. Just wondering if you have any photos you may be able to pass along.

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