Grape Kings: From weekend warriors to seasonal sailors

In true Grape Kings fashion, none of us were going to make it to the meet point in time.

You’ll note from the chat above, there’s no mention of Tony having any car issues and that’s because…well, he didn’t.

For the first time ever the rescuee has become the rescuer.

I should also mention that he’s purchased another more reliable Soarer.

Somehow, five months have slipped by since I last drove the MX5 (I thought it had only been a month or two) so that explained why the car battery was completely dead when I tried to start it. As I would later learn after stopping to fill up petrol at the meet point, it doesn’t hold charge at all anymore.


Don’t stall it Ying!

Of course that meant that I would stall it 10 mins later trying to take off from a round about.

After a unplanned stop with hazard lights on in the middle of the road, a quick jump start and Charlie documenting my incompetence, we were back on our way.

On loan from the collection of Tein

Lots of long weekend traffic meant it was a leisurely drive with the group getting split up along the way.

But everyone knew where to meet back up.

Our breakfast.

In the Grape Kings on board arsenal.

Charlies recently turned the GX71 back into a GX71.

I have no photos of the new/old 1G motor as I was busy buying donuts when the bonnet went up.


Doily donut goodness

As the Winter months set in, it’ll probably be our last drive for a while so it was nice to be able to feel the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair before going into hibernation.


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