Nugget Nationals 2017: Round 2 – Haunted Hills Pt.2

During the second half of the day, we ran the figure 8 configuration.

After a 6 month break from track, Simo is back with a vengeance narrowly missing out on first place in this layout.


Andrew’s parents were kind enough to lend him their Camry for the day.

And he couldn’t be more pleased!


For a lot of smart track goer’s, all roads seem to lead back to an MX5.

Lee had an Evo, then an MX5, then bought another Evo, then realised it was the MX5 all along.


Mike also has a 911, although not as shiny, he knows that the NB is the superior vehicle.


Matt has come from a MX5, to another MX5, back to the same MX5.

68.2 – It’s all fun and games until someone splits a brake line…

Ruan is another one from camp Evo, who then bought an MX5, who then bought another Evo, who then sat in Lee’s ND and now wants another MX5.


Maybe I got it wrong because all my roads led me back to front wheel drive Toyota’s.

Hrmmm, I’ll need to evaluate my plans with Cherry one of these days…

73.0 for me on the figure 8

Choose your own adventure

Willer’s last track day before he becomes a dad.

Maybe he should’ve bought the 4 door instead? 😛

73.2. See you on the other side of parenthood!

Uh oh, here comes trouble.

Juzzy showed up and was delighted to see that Tom’s extremely reliable CRX had partially loosened itself of it’s own exhaust.

Tom’s write up can be found here on the Honed site. 

Smiles – but for how long?

After a bit of mechanical misfortune at WTAC last year, the MR-S is back and Justin had bought it down to the track to try diagnose a bizarre car shutting down on only left turns issue.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to push it up any hills but unfortunately the issue was still occurring.

We totally did not place bets on what corner the car would stop.

In between runs, we all eagerly pressed our noses up to the glass to check out our lap times as they were posted.

Congratulations and cuss words were uttered as friendly rivalries were ignited.

One of those rivalries was between Kam and Andi.

Andi narrowly lost with a 68.9…

…to Kam’s 68.8!

It’s always a valid question asking Vu what car he is driving, because people are nice enough to let him drive their cars…unlike my mate Kam, who has not yet let me drive the GT3. *cough*


One of my oldest friends Mic, showed up late at around 1pm. Most likely due to the fact that he hasn’t started his car in about eleventy billion years.

It’s great to finally see this car back on track after an extremely long hiatus.

Fun fact: We both blew up our Toyota motors together at our first ever track day.

75.0 for the Beams powered 86.

One of the exceptions to my “I don’t really like late model cars rule” is the 1M.

The strange chibi proportions are so awesome.


Seeing as we’re in the “cars I will never be able to afford category,” I’ll also post some barely acceptable panning shots of a Lotus.

It ran a very quick time in the morning but had to retire due to mechanical issues later in the afternoon.

The local youth of Noble Park have come to run a muck, spear headed by their ringleader Tony.

It’s now probably a good time to end part 2 as I’m running out of insightful things to say and am uploading photos at a painful 0.15mbps.

Full figure 8 results can be found here.

To be continued…


Part 1: Morning and “Clockwise” runs.

Part 2: Afternoon and “Figure 8” runs.

Part 3: Nugget Nationals Round 2 competitors and results coverage.


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