Henry the CRX: The other side of Project Rattlesnake – Project Update 1.0

So in my last Rattlesnake post, you may have seen me refer to Tom’s build of Henry, the K24 swapped CRX, which will be competing in World Time Attack this year.

Some of the learnings from Tom’s car will be used to help with Tart’s swap, so I paid him a visit yesterday to ask him really annoying questions and catch up on his progress.

I know there are a few people interested in his build, so here’s a link to it on k20a.org

When I arrived, Tom had just come back from picking up the remaining pieces of his car from the paint shop.

He was particularly pleased with the gloss and OEM look matte finish on the bumpers that he had requested.

It’s the first time I had seen Henry since we dropped him off at the paint shop in June.

World Time attack is only 7 weeks away and Henry still looks like this.

I’m confident he’ll finish this. Failure is not an option.

Tom’s objective for the day was to piece together and trial fit his newly designed traction bar which had been laser cut and was now ready for assembly.

From Tom’s blog:

A couple of features that differentiate it from the commercially available items:
– Non-china rod ends, I’ll be using Aurora high performance 5/8″ parts
– Caster is adjustable on car
– Correctly locates the front lower control arm, by using the standard radius rod cut down with a 5/8″ thread cut into it. Innovative does this, but at the cost of not having caster adjustable without disconnecting one end of the radius rod, most of the other designs have a rod end at the lower control arm attachment, which is incorrect and allows the control arm to freely rotate about a transverse axis if you have sphericals.
– No front mount provision since I won’t need it with the K24
– Bolt to the standard 4 bolt mounting location, leaving the tow hook points free to mount my splitter brackets.

Tom: “What are you doing? Don’t take photo’s of me using painters tape!”

Me: “No, this is great. This is how everyone will know you’re the people’s builder.”

Happy with the placement of the rudder thingies, Tom dragged the welder out to put some quick tack welds in before taking the bar back off.

While he was getting ready to do that, he told me to go look at his new rear sway bar.

Woah, this doesn’t look any sway bar I’ve had on my cars. It’s so pretty and fancy!

While I’m here, let’s take a closer look at the rest of the car.

The new black passivation finish on RDA rotors made me think they were fake mock up rotors at first.

Are these real Tom?

From Tom’s blog:

Koni Race shocks with Ground Control coilover sleeves, with 1000lb/in springs at the front, and 900lb/in at the rear. Also fitted some Eibach helper springs and thrust bearings, and Pro Parts USA spherical upper mounts at the front with Koni upper spring seats.

Alternator relocation due to the CRX’s wedgy front.

The last time I saw these Hasport engine mounts they were a very shiny polished metal.

Tom does not care for the shiny polished metal.

Every single bolt he had tightened on the car had been marked.

Brett will be very happy to see ARP extended studs on this car.

ASP headers lying on the ground.

I don’t think they are as pretty as my K-Tuned ones 😛

With Tom ready to start welding again, I went over to take some action shots.

No eyeballs were harmed in the taking of these photos.

With a few more tack welds in place, it was time to take it back over to the car.


Tom is very pleased, but I still didn’t see him smile.

He then started to put together his newly developed tie rod end kit before it was time to head to meet the rest of the crew for dinner.

To keep things interesting, we placed a few bets on Henry for World Tom Attack and headed off to eat Pho.

Godspeed Thomas. Godspeed.


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